Babbly is an AI-powered app designed to track your baby’s speech development.


Think growth charts, for language and social skills


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Why Babbly?


Decode Your Baby’s Babbling

Your child’s cooing and babbling can tell you a lot about their development, even before they start speaking. Our app monitors how your child’s speech progresses and recommends activities that can accelerate their development.

Raise a social baby

A strong foundation in early language skills is linked to academic and social competence. Use Babbly with regularity to develop your baby’s skills from a young age and make sure your little one stays on track.

Don’t Just “Wait & See”!

By tracking your child’s language and social skill development over time, you can gain powerful insights into their growth. Use our handy charts and activities to keep tabs on your baby’s progression.


What the experts say


“Babbly is a must have for parents who want to stay on top of their child's development. The tips and activities are evidence based and can improve a child's language and social skills.”

Dr. Dina Kulik, MD, Pediatrician & CEO of Kidcrew


"Babbly is an engaging tool for parents that uses best evidence to help them monitor and grow their child's communication skills."

Deryk S. Beal, PH.D., Clinician-Scientist Speech-Language Pathologist at Holland Bloorview Hospital


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